8 Lessons in Story Selling

This week has been a bit different but exciting. In the last few days I have given a presentation, to a group of partners in a professional services company to explain to them about how storytelling can be an effective approach to selling. The aim was to change their emphasis from selling ‘what they do’ to selling ‘why they do it’, using emotive and expressive language. One of the examples of exemplary storytelling I used was the John Lewis Christmas TV commercial of 2011. To view click here. I still think this is the best John Lewis have done so far.

Branding radio for Bauer

The Allotment create a new brand identity system for 43 UK radio stations.

Bauer Media, part of Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group has today announced a new multi-platform brand identity system for its Bauer Place local radio portfolio across the UK. The new identity system and brand, designed by The Allotment, will be applied to more than 17 regional radio brands and more than 43 individual radio stations.

The new identity system with ‘YOUR’ at the heart of the concept communicates the core ‘Closer To You’ brand proposition of Bauer Place. It will be used to promote and emphasise Bauer’s uniquely engaging approach to the delivery of news and entertainment based on a deep understanding of their local radio audience.

Paul Middlebrook, Managing Partner of The Allotment said: “It’s early days but we are excited by the prospect of this identity system reaching out to millions of radio listeners. We have created a simplified and cohesive brand structure for a radio portfolio that has grown organically and significantly in the last decade. The ‘YOUR’ concept will be applied from January 2015 and will be bought to life with the ‘YOUR’ graphic acting as a window for local content messaging. The gradient colour system has been designed to differentiate the two or three radio channels in each region.”

For further information please contact Paul Middlebrook at The Allotment on 020 7404 6841.

Alternatively, see the full case study for Bauer Media here.


Two words to inspire . . .

What and If and are two small, unsuspecting, yet very, very powerful words. Although on the surface they seem, somewhat ordinary, when combined, they form a question that has driven progress and innovation for centuries. What if?

What if we could make things better? What if we looked at things in a different way? What if I could make change happen today?

Busy Law 6 – an epic

Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP (BLP) is slightly different to your average legal firm. A top 15-law firm in the UK, one of the most innovative in Europe and an abundance of learning opportunities for both qualified and up-and-coming lawyers, one being the ‘Busy Lawyer Programme’. The Busy Lawyer Programme offers lawyers the opportunity to attend a day of workshops, presentations and insightful discussions. One of the other benefits to the programme, aside from valuable knowledge, is that attendees are able to use the programme towards their accreditation and qualifications.

Each year the highly engaging event uses a fictitious business as a theme for the day. This year The Allotment created a spoof independent cinema chain called ‘Caught On Film’.