Turning Lives Around

The London Community Foundation (LCF) were last years lucky winner of The Allotment’s ‘unwrap a designer competition’. The competition is for charities in need of design expertise and the winner receives strategic and design guidance donated by The Allotment.

The first task for The Allotment was to find out where and how they could add the most value to an already successful charity – LCF ‘turn lives around’ by connecting Londoners who need the most help to donors who are willing to give. We found that their biggest challenge was to explain what they do, simply, in a way that does their role justice.

Unwrap a designer 2013

Early in February Kids Company were drawn out of the hat by Charity Comms as the winner of our annual ‘Unwrap a designer’ competition. This is where we donate a few days of our time to support a charity.

We have now completed our initial work with the Kids Company. The project involved looking at different ways to visually bring the Charity’s positive and truly wonderful stories to life.