A lighter, brighter future for Lucite International

We are delighted to announce the launch of a global employee engagement initiative called Lighter, brighter everywhere for Lucite International, part of Mitsubishi Chemical Company.

The campaign was launched this week to Lucite International’s 2000 employees across three continents – Asia, Americas and Europe/Middle-East.

Lucite International people are passionate about what they do and we wanted to ensure our creative strategy was clearly connected to the beautiful acrylic products that brighten the world and improve the quality of life. We therefore focused on storytelling that uses MMA or acrylic as an intrinsic part of the creative work. The aim is to inspire and help people to understand how together they are shaping a profound contribution to their world.

The internal engagement campaign, translated into six languages, includes the launch of a series of posters for use across 35 global manufacturing sites, an introductory animation, a boxed cascade pack for employee workshops which includes a game to encourage involvement and team working and a new intranet site.

Click here to see the Lucite International case study in full.