Imagine a world
without wildlife

We are incredibly proud to see our integrated brand campaign for global conservation charity, ZSL go live today across social, cinema and OOH channels. It’s the first brand campaign in the charities 190 year history and The Allotment have developed a big campaign idea, ‘Imagine a world without wildlife’ to help build awareness and donations for ZSL.

Over the last 40 years, 52% of wildlife has been lost and the campaign depicts this shocking loss of wildlife and their habitats over time and how ZSL is working to protect and conserve these precious animals. The campaign has a twist, in that it shows the impact within the context of people’s everyday lives. It was evident from focus groups and research, that although the loss of animals in far reaching parts of the world is terribly sad and shocking, it still felt very detached from the hustle and bustle of people’s daily routines and therefore, people often wouldn’t act or donate.

By bringing the loss of wildlife into an environment people can resonate with, the campaign will have the cut-through and disruption required in a saturated market.

The campaign will use the hashtag #WithWildlife to encourage consumers to share what they would miss in a world without wildlife and to encourage others to ensure we continue to live in a world #WithWildlife.