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“The Allotment have created a brand that instantly feels big scale and positive. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome.”


From facial risk profiling to financial roadmapping – Advantra’s suite of icons build on their visual language.

Advantra app

Working with Advantra’s team we helped them translate their amazing ideas and technologies into a simple and intuitive UI on the platform.

We created a visual language and visual assets that the Advantra team could use to create striking and unified marketing materials.

Launch website

Communicating the highly advanced, agile & adaptive solution to a broad financial audience.

Guiding light imagery

Striking imagery using light painting brings to life Advantra’s proposition and will ensure visiblity and cut-through in the financial marketplace.

The challenge and solution


The vision of Advantra’s founders is that anyone who has savings, or manages wealth for others, should be able to become self-sufficient and in full control over their investments decisions by easily accessing the right tools at fair value.

The $75 trillion global wealth management industry is on the verge of reinvention as a decade (or more) of regulatory, client and technological pressures build to force a change in the underlying business and fee model of incumbent wealth managers.

Advantra is an agile solution to support incumbent players, such as Private Banks,

to quickly and effectively respond to the demands on their businesses. It is a technically advanced digital platform, designed to redefine how wealth management services are provided and transform the industry from within. Essentially the platform;

1. Allows banks to digitise and implement business intelligence solutions with minimum investment and pre-empts banks’ need for standardised, cloud based infrastructure

2. Reduces banks’ operating costs without dis-intermediating Relationship Managers and Investment Advisors and paves the way

for new pricing models without eroding profitability

3. Creates a distinct, customised user experience that increases revenue generation


As a start-up with a rigorous business plan and investors and clients to convince, the first challenge to The Allotment was to create a brand name for the business that captured the potential of the ground breaking platform. After a lengthy review of a wide range of options the name Advantra was chosen as this was evocative of the brands advanced technology that provides the ultimate client experience.

From this idea we developed a proposition and brand language that symbolised the concept of a ‘leap forward’. The visual expression, using moving light, has created a positive brand that feels ‘game changing’ in this sector, is contemporary and highlights the control and visibility the platform provides to its clients.

As well as the name and brand identity The Allotment also designed the platform look and feel and the launch website.

Advantra brand identity

We created a progressive and illuminating brand identity that highlights the visibility, control and guidance Advantra delivers to its wealth management audience.

Growing Advantra Wealth Management

Brand Creation

It’s rare, but sometimes a client comes to us with a genuinely new idea, something that will change the way a whole sector will operate, an innovation that leapfrogs current and future barriers to growth, one that delivers a real advantage. Advantra have done just that, they‘ve created the world’s most and advanced, simple, transparent and intuitive plug-in wealth management solution for the world’s banks, wealth managers and investment advisors.

So how do you communicate this step-change in the wealth management experience? How do you illustrate Advantra’s ability to illuminated potential investment opportunities while also highlighting the risks? How do you position this business as a game-changing lighthouse brand and beacon which is guiding the way in the wealth management experience?

Here’s how we helped Advantra’s brilliant idea shine through.