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“It is very clear to me that people who see the link between their daily activities and our Company’s wider purpose perform better and have more satisfying lives and careers. The aim of this initiative is to reinforce our values and help all our people understand Lucite International and Mitsubishi’s role in the wider world and in society. We want all our people to understand and get involved in shaping ‘a lighter, brighter future’ so that we can continue to have a positive impact on the world around us. Our job now is to take the inspiring work that we have produced with The Allotment and ensure everyone in the business understands our vision and relates to our values that underpin our business.”


A booklet to communicate LI’s vision and values

An interactive game was designed for employee workshops

Cascade pack – helping to engage a global workforce

A series of onsite posters reached out to all 2,200 employees

Acrylic shapes become an empowering catalyst
LI’s people and products shape our world in unimaginable ways. This story wasn’t being communicated clearly internally. Using simple shapes of raw acrylic materials we illustrated how LI’s innovations and products are the creative catalyst for today’s designers, engineers and architects who create the world around us.

The challenge and solution


Lucite International (LI), part of the Mitsubishi group, is the global leader in acrylic production with over 30% market share. Its world renowned brands include Perspex® and Lucite®. Originally part of ICI, the business has been through a number of ownership changes. Research indicated that, as a result, many of the 2,200 employees did not have a clear understanding of Lucite International’s vision and purpose.


Our challenge was to create a relevant and compelling global employee engagement campaign to instill a renewed sense of purpose, pride and empowerment across the business.


We worked closely with LI’s global management team to create a simple empowering idea – ‘Shaping a future that’s lighter, brighter everywhere’.

To bring this idea to life we used Lucite International’s raw acrylic materials as simple shapes, these shapes act as the catalyst for the stories behind their amazing applications and innovations that shape their world, business and future.

The multi-language campaign has used a variety of media to help embed the inspirational purpose of the business. As well as an on-site poster campaign used across LI’s global sales and manufacturing sites, The Allotment produced a cascade pack for key managers, an interactive game and an animated film to help the communication process as well as a ‘brand-in-the-hand’ to succinctly explain the context of the campaign.



Animation: weareseventeen
Photography: Andy Grimshaw & Mike Feather
Illustration: Geoff Appleton
Production: Inplas

Lucite International (LI) employee engagement campaign

Employee Engagement

How do you instill pride and a clear sense of purpose throughout a global organisation? How can you embed a set of values and link these to behaviours?

Here’s how we helped the world’s largest acrylic producer to inspire their entire workforce to shape a lighter, brighter future for themselves and the world around them.

Winner of two Golds at the Employer Brand Management Awards 2016.