In Britain, a staggering 60.2 billion cups of tea are made every year.

A large proportion of these will be made in the office where making a cup of tea can be a somewhat nerve-racking experience. Is it strong enough? Did she want sugar? How much sugar? He wants fruit tea…what on earth is fruit tea?

One of the biggest decisions in a day can sometimes be ’whose turn is it to make the tea’. This decision can cause tension, arguments and outright war!

At The Allotment we have turned this into a competitive game based on intelligence – well, we are a bunch of designers, so let’s call it luck! But you can join in. We call it the daily Tea Question.

THE TEA QUESTION – how it works?

Quite simply (I say “simply” in the very loosest sense of the word), one member of the team asks a question, whereby the answer must be numerical or quantifiable. All answers are collated, with the loser (being the individual whose answer is furthest away) making the round of tea, the next day the unlucky tea-maker then gets to ask the question.

There are have been unconfirmed rumours circulating of a tea question board at The Allotment, where photos are stuck on a magnet, with winners and losers of each question moving one place forward, or one place backwards in a ‘race’ scenario.

These reports remain unconfirmed….

Test yourself against the Tea Question everyday. Our questions will be posted on Twitter & Instagram (@allotmentbrand). Do let us have your answers – It’s fun, so no cheating.

Here are some examples of previous questions:

Q. How long is a jiffy?
A. 0.01 seconds

Q. At any given time, what percentage of the world is drunk?
A. 0.7%

Q. What percentage of pilots admit to falling asleep during a flight?
A. 43%

Why not send us your questions and we will use them in our daily Tea Question.