‘Passion project’ is a description we’ve heard so often from our team over the last 10 years. It’s a term they’ve used for all of those projects where they’ve loved making a difference, whether it’s been about the success of a business, or about the well-being of people, our society, or planet.

In 2015 we asked all our colleagues to tell us about their dream project. One was to work with the Imperial War Museum (IWM). It took a year for us to build relationships and turn the dream into reality; the rest is history. Well, the story behind history.

Our work focused on re-telling stories of bravery and sacrifice as part of a new retail proposition for the IWM. Some briefs, such as this one, touch us personally. The Allotment Creative Director and Co-Founder, James’, grandfather served at Arnhem, and on many other missions during the Second World War. This made it a truly special honour for us to deliver a strong, creative platform for the IWM to grow its retail offer.




Growing purpose for Imperial War Museum’s retail offer