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Helping So Simple… be simple to implement

A comprehensive guide was created to help DFS and their partners create a unified and seamless omni-channel experience.

After sales

We created a range of ideas to help DFS promote the So Simple… brand once customers were enjoying their lovely new sofas.

Simple swatch samples

Creating simplicity, appeal and stand-out

Inspirational products shot in a ‘refreshingly simple’ daylight style. Each sofa is the hero element within a simple room set featuring subtle hints of the 3 step process. For example, 3 cushions, 3 pictures on a wall, 3 plant pots etc. Even the names of the sofas use three letters.

Our work also informed the design and feel of the So Simple… in-store experience.


Working closely with DFS and their web developers we helped create a refreshingly simple sofa shopping experience online.

A clear, direct and no-nonsense tone of voice helped communicate the So Simple… proposition and benefits with clarity and cut-through.

From online to instore installations, the ellipsis became an interactive brand asset that helped DFS communicate the So Simple… shopping experience

Name and logo

A simple ellipsis acts as stepping stones/short cut to a simplified shopping experience while also hinting at the 3 step buying journey.

The challenge and solution


The DFS Group through its DFS, Sofology, Dwell and Sofa Workshop brands, is the clear leader with over 34% market share in the UK upholstery furniture. This share has been consolidated, in a highly competitive sector over 50 years, by organic growth of its retail stores, acquisition, innovation and a passionate focus on customer insight and understanding.


Working with Progressive, a leading innovation consultancy, DFS researched their customers and found that, for some, there was frustration over the complexity of buying a new sofa. They found that some people were baffled by the breadth of choice and the complexity of decisions they were required to make.

Based on this insight, and a brief that required a brand solution and sofa buying experience that would be ‘refreshingly simple’, The Allotment was tasked with developing name options and a brand identity/proposition that would empower customers to choose their sofa in an easier way,  online and in-store.


Our aim was to enhance and simplify every part of the customer journey. Our strategy was led by the idea of making choice as simple as 1,2,3. Three steps to find an affordable sofa that is right for the customer. Mapping the decision process we found that in its simplest form all sofa buying can be broken into three decisions – Step one; select a style from a range of eight new models, Step two; select a size, Step three; choose from an edited selection of colours and fabrics.

This was the foundation for our development of the ‘So Simple…’ brand and has influenced everything from the naming of the sofas using three letter names, to the tone of voice and the design of a simple buying process online and in-store.

The performance of this new brand for DFS has been an outstanding success. DFS now plan to roll So Simple… out to more stores in their portfolio.

We created: The brand blueprint, the name, logo and positioning, tone of voice, in-store POS and displays, the online look and feel and guidance on imagery to tell a richer picture.

Brand proposition

From the naming to the online and in-store customer journey, every part of this brand was designed to create a ‘refreshingly simple’ experience.

Growing ease and delight for DFS customers

Sofa buying has become complicated. It can be really hard work finding what you want when the choice runs into thousands of options.

Working with Progressive, an innovation consultancy, DFS asked us to help them create an exclusive online and in-store brand experience that was ‘refreshingly simple‘. We created So Simple... a simplified 3 step approach and short-cut to a stylish new sofa. This exclusive brand was built around reassuring time short shoppers who want a great sofa without having to spend hours or days looking for one of life’s big purchases.

Research revealed that a simplified selection of just 8 popular, contemporary and classic sofa styles in a simple range of sizes and colours would allow almost everyone to find something they like.

Here’s how we helped DFS create a new and unexpected sofa shopping experience and exclusive brand that was So Simple...