Early in 2015, we were fortunate enough to be approached by one of the world’s most iconic animal and conservation charities, previously home to Guy the gorilla and Winnie, a fairly well known bear you may have heard of. The charity is of course The Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

ZSL approached The Allotment to help develop a new global fundraising scheme for the charity, which complemented their new brand proposition ‘Working for Wildlife’. Working closely with the charity, it became clear that the work of their conservation and research teams in local territories wasn’t being communicated to donors and harnessed in an effective manner. With such a substantial footfall in the attractions, something purchasable in-store and online was a necessity.

It was important to bring the new brand proposition to the fore and ask donors to take responsibility, make a difference and take the fate of endangered animals and research development into their own hands, to become ‘Champions’. The idea of ‘in your hands’ became the prominent big idea for the scheme, which encouraged donors to become ‘Wildlife Champions’. We developed two focused schemes under the ‘Wildlife Champions’ idea, one for ‘Animals Under Threat’ and one for ‘Conservation Technology’.

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The two packs embodied the ‘in your hands’ idea, where die-cuts were created to subtly hold or harness the beneficiary/representative species (the pangolin and the Adelie penguin in these first two cases). The scheme needed to be engaging and memorable, so a number of different pieces of collateral for the packs were created to include a leaflet, stickers, badges, a free postal letter and a bespoke sign for donors to engage with on social media using the hashtag #zslchampions. Fronted by Ben Fogle and launched in June 2015, the campaign has been received very well internally and externally, featuring on social media, digital platforms, events such as Sunset Safari and early results indicate a 100% increase.

It's been a pleasure and honour working with everyone at ZSL on the first of many projects on this exciting journey.