The last few weeks have been momentous for The Allotment.
Apart from quickly approaching 3 years old (and that’s something to celebrate), we have finally moved in to our very own, special studio at the top of an old print works near Holborn. It will be somewhere that we can grow into as we support all our clients and colleagues to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

We also have some new people - Samantha Lowe has joined as a Project Manager from the Goose Bumps Brand Agency and Tim Sumner, a recent graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, has joined us as a Junior designer.
Finally we have some sad news, Mike Smith (James' fellow Creative Director) has decided to leave The Allotment so that he can dedicate more time to his family in South Wales. He has been a great colleague and friend and will be missed by us all. His passion and relentless energy has produced some wonderful work for our clients. Thank you, Mike.