White Logistics has won many awards and helped position The Allotment at No.5 for creativity and effectiveness in the Design Week league tables, something we are very proud of.

Runner up in the Age of Design Awards which celebrates the world’s best design projects over the last 25 years from Design Weeks best-of-show winners.

We created The Allotment at the beginning of 2011 – a challenging year for everyone in business. While in the midst of one of the deepest global recessions, we were still convinced that authentic, creative branding, based around clear and compelling narratives, was the route to survival and growth.

One such business sector that was struggling at this time, due to the rise in oil prices, was the haulage industry. Small and mid-sized operators were fighting for survival against severe price pressure. White Logistics was one those operators. Losing money, they needed to find a way to stand-out in a crowded market that did not see their outstanding commitment to service and delivery. MD at the time, Judith, approached the Design Council for advice and we were appointed to help. Two years later White Logistics was heralded as an example of Design Effectiveness, doubling in size and prospering to this day under family ownership.

The Allotment MD, Paul, recalls: “We hit on a simple thought that haulage and logistics is zero bulls**t, it’s black and white. You either deliver or you don’t. You either solve the client’s problems or not.”

This simple thought led to a defining attitude and brand that became one of our most effective and awarded projects. Ten years on, White Logistics is still used by the Design Council and Design Business Association as a benchmark of the ability of design to solve critical business challenges.



Growing profit and distinction for White Logistics