Our work for The Donkey Sanctuary spanned several years and touched many areas of the charity. Over that time the work has won many awards for effectiveness and creativity.

2012 was a big year for The Allotment. We had finally made the move into our serviced studio on Grays Inn Road. It was a step-change for the business with a growing team and client list.”

James recalls: “This is going to sound unbelievable but the very first call on our first morning in the new studio came from Mark Cross, a client of a previous agency, who I’d worked with to reposition the Met Office. He’d tracked us down in his new role as Head of Brand and Design at The Donkey Sanctuary. Mark wanted us to help them ‘tidy up the brand’ with a key instruction: ‘don’t touch the logo’.”

Roll forward several years and our partnership with The Donkey Sanctuary, now a massive £43m* concern, has shown how creativity, even in the midst of a deep recession, can increase a charity’s effectiveness. Our work increased the donation income by 60%, not including any advertising, which meant many more donkeys and mules around the world could be protected.

We finally did get to create a new logo. Today it’s used with pride and is loved by everyone who works for, and supports this amazing charity.

*figure in 2019




Growing reach and giving for The Donkey Sanctuary