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“We came to The Allotment through recommendation and have not been disappointed. What a foundation they have created for my new business. They have delivered 150%. The brand they have created has an authentic depth of quality and soul. It’s outstanding!”


From the design of the visitor centre interiors to uniforms and the website, our work continues to shape every area of the Shivering Mountain experience. Visit the website at

Promoting the brand

As the business grows, brand advocates will receive a beautiful Ginologist’s Essentials box to help promote the brand and the gins.


A beautiful, emotive and tactile brochure captures the brand’s philosophy and premium positioning for potential stockists and consumers.

The distillery will launch with two gins. A Premium Dry Gin with a London gin profile and a Premium Pink Gin crafted with real grapefruit juice.

Shoulder message

‘Forged and Foraged for Peak Perfection‘ – A promise to everyone who buys or sells the gin.

Base details

The mountain’s geographical coordinates were hidden on the base as a final piece of the journey and experience.

A mountain in a bottle

The iconic Mam Tor (Shivering Mountain) with its historic landslide sits proudly inside the bottle.

GINOLOGY patterns and visual language

We’ve forged geological and botanical patterns together to create a distinctive visual identity. The patterns hint at each gin’s unique ingredients.

Not a bottle, but a memorable experience.

Walk past or rotate the bottle and watch the mountain shiver inside. The bottle has a story to tell and becomes a great conversation starter. Give the bottle a twist, you’ll see what we mean.

The challenge and solution


The gin market is immensely saturated and competitive. With over 800 brands competing in this space we were, admittedly, slightly skeptical when an entrepreneur and passionate gin expert approached us to create a new brand for his distillery in The Peak District. Our enthusiasm though climbed when we saw his commitment and when we started to understand the potential to tell an amazing, authentic and visually evocative brand story.


Our brief was simple but challenging. It was to develop;
– a new craft gin brand that would stand-out as a premium beacon of exceptional quality and authenticity.

– a brand that will have craft at its core, illustrating the highest levels of provenance, storytelling and taste.
– a brand that will appeal locally to the distillery (The Peak District), as well as further afield, internationally.
– a brand that has the legs to extend its relevancy to future gin innovations, growing markets and new gin variants.


‘People don’t buy brands they buy into the story behind brands’. In this case, through our research, we discover a rich historic and geological tapestry that led us to a big idea (Ginology) and the brand name – Shivering Mountain, after the mountain that dominates Hope Valley, the location of the distillery. A gin and story forged in the local terroir that literally moves the hand-crafted, premium gin to new depths of experience and taste.



Building on the idea of Ginology and the impact of elemental forces that have shaped the ruggedness and beauty of The Peak District, we developed a disruptive, creative solution that celebrate the nature and provenance of the new gin.

Everything has been considered, from the unique bottle shape that echoed the scale and shiver of the local mountain to the website that slides effortlessly from one page to the next. Every touch point delivers on the quality promise that Shivering Mountain gin has been ‘forged & foraged for peak perfection’.


• The brand name and proposition
• The brand identity
• The bottle design

• The website with online sales – view the website here
• The on-trade sales brochure
• The distillery interiors/signage
• Gift packaging and merchandising The work has been supported by Ben at Graphik Boutique (3D Design and modeling), Evil Donkey (web coding) and Impress (print)

The distillery name and logo

The distillery sits in the Hope Valley, at its head sits Mam Tor, a famous peak known locally as the Shivering Mountain due to its geological movement and landslides that have been heard in the area for millenia. This was the perfect icon and name for the new distillery.


A subtle geological theme runs through the logotype with an integrated fault line and shiver effect to ensure there’s no doubt about the influences and origins of the gin.

A brand forged from natures forces

Shivering Mountain’s defining taste, character and finish are the result of the Peak District’s immense geological forces and climate. Together these create the perfect elements and conditions for the gin’s botanicals to thrive. We called this GINOLOGY, it’s similar to a wine’s terroir.


From the name and identity to the beautiful shivering bottle – GINOLOGY’s influence has informed every aspect of the brand and project.

Growing momentum for Shivering Mountain Gin

How do you build a premium gin brand from scratch? How do you elevate the gin from a local product to an icon that represents the beauty and spirit of a unique region - The Peak District? How do you create a name and identity that captures the defining influences, differences and authenticity of the gin to help it stand-out in a highly saturated market? How do you create local pride in the gin while also appealing to national and international audiences? How do you create a conversation starter, memorable experience and brand icon through the design of the gin bottle?

Here’s how we forged the unique geology and bounty of the Peak District with the entrepreneurial spirit of the distillery team to create an authentic gin brand whose purpose is to bring prosperity and pride to this beautiful region of the United Kingdom.

Shivering Mountain Gins will be launched early 2021.