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Defining Purpose

Brand and Positioning

At The Allotment, we help organisations define their brand purpose; the reason they exist and why this matters. With purpose, a company can create positive value that is far greater than the sum of its parts. A purpose provides meaning inside and outside the organization. It acts as a motivating force for employees and helps customers connect with a business.

We help clients discover and articulate a higher-order objective that lies beyond commercial imperatives or immediate market opportunities that will act as a guiding light, elevating and differentiating them over the long term.

Brand purpose is something we believe deeply in as a powerful tool for growth. We are not alone in this belief. 56% of companies with a strong brand purpose outperform their competitor’s revenue growth versus just 46% of those without a brand purpose, according to a study published in the Harvard Business Review.

By the same token John Kotter and James Heskett demonstrate in their book, Corporate Culture And Performance, that over a decade-long period, purposeful, value-driven companies outperform their counterparts in stock price by a factor of 12.

Defining brand purpose is an inspiring process. Sometimes, defining brand purpose for a new brand such as Currencies Direct, means we’re starting with a ‘blank sheet of paper’. Here, we’ll help determine the central animating idea of the organisation. A brand purpose that defines who they are, what they do and why they do it. We’ll define an idea that is more than the products and services they provide but is something that speaks to people’s deep desire for meaning and significance. An idea with social and emotional resonance that inspires and unifies people within an organisation around a common goal.

Brand Positioning

If a brand is already established such as White Logistics, we’ll go back to the brand roots to understand the reasons that brought the organisation into being in the first place. We’ll explore the essential DNA that sits at the heart of the organisation and clarify their reason for being. We’ll help them identify the high level motive that transcends product benefits, brand positioning and business objectives and sets their long-term trajectory.

Brand Workshops

We do this by working closely with leadership teams and broader groups of employees through interviews and workshops. Thought provoking, interactive and enjoyable sessions which allow people from all parts of the business to have a voice and contribute to the direction of their organisation. Together we fashion a brand purpose that is not just authentic and unique to that company, but that can be acted upon. An ethos that can be brought to life by integrating it into the brand identity, corporate culture, recruitment strategy, operations and product development of the organisation.

At The Allotment we also love to help organisations define their brand positioning. We’ve done this successfully for many of our clients, from charity branding for ZSL and The Donkey Sanctuary to corporate branding for Marlin Hawk and Bauer Media.

Defining Purpose