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“We needed a fresh and disruptive approach to raise awareness of ZSL as a global conservation charity. The Allotment really understood the heart of what we do and our challenges and delivered a creative solution to make us stand out in a competitive environment.”



The hashtag #withwildlife was used across the campaign encouraging people to share and support the cause. 18.2 million impressions were achieved  in the initial launch period.


Familiar faces such as Dermot O’Leary and Bill Bailey showed their support helping to generate increased organic growth across social media.

A partnership with Fullers Brewery was formed giving the campaign a real world presence at a selection of their well known ‘Red Lion’ pubs.

Experiential ideas were implemented inside and outside of the zoos including large, thought provoking roundels in the animal enclosures.

Whilst the video focused on familiar environments the static adverts took a more global approach showing beautiful wildlife shots with one crucial element missing.

Armed with these learnings we came up with one single minded, compelling and disruptive idea; we invited the audience to ‘Imagine a world without wildlife’.

An emotive video headed up the campaign cleverly showing the relevance and impact of declining wildlife in our everyday lives.

After a series of focus groups and collaborative sessions, it became evident that shocking statistics highlighting the true nature of the decline in wildlife offered great impact and resonance.

The challenge and solution


Since 1826 the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has been on a mission to protect and conserve the world’s wildlife and their habitats.

With two Zoos, an Institute of Science and over 50 conservation projects worldwide, ZSL uses groundbreaking scientific innovations to fuel life-changing conservation.

As a charitable organisation ZSL relies heavily on the support of the generous public and the income of its two iconic Zoos; ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.


Our challenge was to raise awareness for ZSL as an international wildlife conservation charity who work in 50 countries around the world. We needed to make people realise that ZSL are more than just two zoos, they are world leaders in science, conservation and education who deserve  your support and donations just as much as any other charity.


During our research we came across the harrowing statistic that the world’s wildlife has declined by 52% in the past 40 years. This lead us to think; what if wildlife continued to decline at the same rate? Within our lifetime we could end up living in a world without wildlife. It was this thought that formed the basis of our campaign.

Through social, OOH and VOD channels we created a compelling, disruptive and memorable campaign that asked audiences to ‘Imagine a world without wildlife’. To head up the campaign a thought provoking film was created using a poem to tell the story. In a clever twist, the video used the disappearance of zebra crossings and your favourite teddy bear to show the impact of a world without wildlife in a more emotive and connected way.

As well as being the key driver for a social media campaign, the video was also shown in selected cinemas and on 4OD.

Whilst the video and a selection of experiential ideas brought the global issues closer to home, static ads used stunning imagery of international habitats with the wildlife missing. Shocking statistics accompanied the images making the truth about the decline in wildlife much more tangible.

The hashtag #withwildlife was used to underpin the whole campaign, secure 18.2 million impressions and drive audiences to share and support ZSL and their cause as they work to ensure that we continue to live in a world with wildlife.


Production: One Small Pixel
VFX: Mr Kaplin
Post Production: Storm HD

Global ZSL brand campaign

Charity Brand Campaign

Everybody knows about ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo but what few people realise is that ZSL is actually a global conservation charity working for the protection of animals in over 50 countries worldwide.

Here’s how The Allotment helped raise awareness of ZSL and their conservation work through the launch of the charity’s first ever brand campaign in their 190 year history.